About us

Team Twirllhoops is a United Kingdom based company who consists of 3 health enthusiasts, personal trainers and entrepreneurs - striving for improving the overall health of our population and making it as easy as possible to stay physical active.

You see

Our reality has never been lazier.

You can order food straight from your home and drive your car anywhere.

That's if - you even have the time or energy to leave your house. 

We've got work, kids, and dinner that doesn't make itself.

And honestly - There's nothing like 'taking it easy' after a full day's work. Preferably with something delicious to stuff our face with.

BUT (and it's a big but) we KNOW we should stay active. And optimally -  every single day.

You see,  our body is made to MOVE. That's how it thrives. That's how it's built.

ONLY 30 minutes a day is enough to GREATLY improve your physical and mental well-being.



That's exactly what we've been striving to conquer (inactivity).

That's our mission. That's our goal.

And you're more than welcome to join our community.

Much love - Team Twirllhoops.